R.O.W. Permits

Register to work in the right-of-way
Permit Forms 
A permit shall be obtained for all street right-of-way excavations prior to any cut or work being performed in the right-of-way.    
    • Failure to Obtain Permit Any person or entity excavating within a City of Weatherford street right-of-way and any person or entity causing an excavation within a City of Weatherford right-of-way without first having obtained a Right-of-Way Excavation Permit shall be deemed guilty of violating Title VI, Chapter 5, of the City Code of the City of Weatherford and subject to the maximum penalty provided by the State of Texas.
    • Your Responsibilities Prior to actual excavation, the individual or entity excavating within a public right-of-way shall contact all local utility companies (electric, gas, telephone, water, sewer, and cable TV) granting said companies or organizations an opportunity to mark the location of their underground utility lines or conduits in the immediate area of the proposed excavation. Failure to contact said utility companies shall make the individual or entity doing the excavation responsible for any damage to underground utility lines or conduits.
    • Some helpful links: 
      • Digtess 800-245-4545 or 811 
      • City of Weatherford Utilities 817-598-4257
      • MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, Part VI)
    • Temporary Road Closures Should work require the temporary closure of a public right-of-way, the person or entity completing the work is required to contact the following entities prior to road closures and must have submitted a temporary traffic control plan (with application) as set forth in the MUTCD. Failure to comply could result in person or entity being held liable for impeding emergency responders
    • Fire Department 817-598-4280
    • Police Department 817-598-4300
    • Lifecare Ambulance 817-599-1196
    • Transportation & Public Works Department 817-598-4245

Specifications and Standards 
The designs and construction details are in accordance with City specifications. Any person(s) or entity working within the City's right-of way will need to follow the standards and specifications set forth in these documents.