Water Aerobics

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First Class.....
Monday, June 1st , 2020

Benefits of Water Aerobics

  • Does not put stress on the joints of the body, making it safe for individuals with joint problems and people around the ages of 55 and better.
  • Uses water resistance to develop strength & flexibility along with building cardiovascular endurance
  • Does not require swimming skills, classes are instructed in chest-deep water
  • Is a safe and effective method of exercising to help achieve weight loss, burn fat and tone the body
  • Provides an aerobic workout with minimal impact
  • Will allow the average participant an opportunity to burn 450-700 calories through an hour workout
5 class times available per week
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings 7:00pm - 7:45pm.
Tuesday and Thursday mornings 8:30am - 9:15 am.

Punch Cards available for convenience,
12 sessions for $40

Cherry Park Pool: 817-598-4382 (during season) May 25th - August 19th 

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