Uniformed Services / Patrol Division

Supervisor:   Commander Greg Lance


  • Largest and most visible section of the police department.
  • Charged with the day-to-day patrol activities for the city.
  • Provides security for some of the city's special events.
  • All parades and the Peach Festival are some of the events that require security.



Patrol functions are split between days, nights, and power shifts. Patrol officers work on a twelve-hour day consisting of two-day shifts, two-night shifts, and two power shifts. The shifts are designated as A and B days, A and B nights, and A and B power shifts. The division has two lieutenants, one is responsible for the command of the A shifts and the other for the command of the B shifts. Each shift has a sergeant that serves as field supervisor.

Patrol Officer Functions

  • Respond to Calls for Service
  • Traffic Enforcement
  • Accident Investigation
  • Assist Public