Food Establishments

About Food Establishments

Food establishment permits are required for restaurants, bars, retail grocery stores, convenient stores, cafeterias, mobile food units, temporary food events, full service kitchens in nursing homes, concession stands, and sno cone stands.  Below are the applications that need to be completed to obtain a permit to operate a food establishment within the City limits of Weatherford.

If you are planning on buying a pre-existing food establishment, you will need to contact the City of Weatherford Building Division to complete a Revised Occupancy Request Form.  There may be walls, floor finishes, equipment that do not meet current codes and will have to be changed in order to comply.  After the Revised Occupancy Request Form is submitted, a staff member will contact you to schedule an appointment at the proposed facility, you will know beforehand what will be required in order to operate the establishment.  A plan review is required for new or extensive remodeled establishment.