Swimming Pools

Commercial Swimming Pools

and Enclosures

Regardless of depth, commercial (public/semi-public) pools, spas, and play features require an annual permit. Spray parks/pads also require an annual permit and have special requirements.

Plan review is required before a commercial pool, spa, or spray park/pad can be built. Plans need to be submitted to the Planning & Development Department at 119 Palo Pinto Street Weatherford, TX 76086.

An annual operating permit is required for each commercial swimming pool that is public or semi-public. If you are wishing to apply for a commercial swimming pool permit, please complete the form in full and return to the Consumer Health Department at 119 Palo Pinto Street, Weatherford, TX 76086. 

Semi-Public/Public Pool & Spa Requirements-State requirements for semi-public pools, public pools, and spas.

Applications & Information