Drive Approach Permits

Permit Procedures
A permit shall be obtained for all street right-of-way excavations prior to any cut (i.e.curb cut, drive approaches) being made. A permit shall be required to attach a permanent driveway and/or driveway approach, or replace a permanent driveway and/or driveway approach, to any public street or for any temporary construction access to any public street. This permit is in addition to any building permits you may obtain.

Driveway Approach Permit Applications can be obtained online or from the Planning Department located in Old City Hall, 119 Palo Pinto Street, Weatherford, Texas. Upon approval of the application, the original permit must be SIGNED IN PERSON to be a valid City permit.

What to Provide
The following information will be needed to complete a permit application:
  • Address/location of work
  • Site plan showing:
    • Width of drive
    • Lot width
    • Location of utilities (power poles, telephone, water/sewer, box inlets)
    • Existing and/or proposed sidewalk and curb and gutter for property
  • Owner/Contractor Information
  • Applicant or Contact Information
Upon submittal of application, a fee of $35 will be collected for each driveway approach being reviewed. A reinspection fee of $10 will apply for all inspections needed after the first one. Failure to comply with City standards could result in the removal and repair at owner/contractor's expense.

Specification and Standards
The following documents are available for download for guidance and instruction. The designs and construction details shown in the following manuals are in accordance with City specifications. Any person(s) or entity working within the City's right-of way will need to follow the standards and specifications set forth in these documents.
Failure to Obtain Permit
Any person or entity excavating within a City of Weatherford street right-of-way and any person or entity causing an excavation within a City of Weatherford right-of-way without first having obtained a Right-of-Way Excavation Permit (driveway permit) shall be deemed guilty of violating Title VI, Chapter 5, of the City Code of the City of Weatherford and subject to the maximum penalty provided by the State of Texas.