Utility Billing


We are excited to begin the process of launching our new digital online payment system for utility customers. Our financial bill pay system is brand new and improved, meaning it is more efficient, more secure and more integrated with modern financial procedures. We appreciate customer patience as we transition to the new system and look forward to enhancing how utility bills can be paid. Below is important information, all customers will need to know:

  • Beginning May 27 until June 5, online and phone payments will not be available.
  • On June 6 the new Utility Management Portal will be launched.
  • To pay online, customers will be required to sign up for a new account.
  • The new portal will give you access to manage your utility account such as change address and phone numbers, view bills and usage and manage payment information. This will include one-time credit card payments, recurring credit card payments and eCheck payments.
New Utility Account Management Portal

The Utility Billing Department is responsible for establishing and maintaining all residential and commercial utility customer inquiries regarding new construction, connection, disconnection and transfer of utility services. It is our goal to contribute to the overall quality of life for Weatherford residents and contribute to our vibrant community. We ensure accurate and timely reading of meters, management of billing accounts and maintain financial records for the City of Weatherford utilities.

Release (Disclosure) of Information


Texas Utilities Code Chapter 182, Subchapter B, provides that as a customer of a government-operated utility, you have the right to request release (disclosure) of the following information in your City of Weatherford utility customer account records:

  1. Your address
  2. Your telephone number
  3. Your Social Security number
  4. Any information relating to the volume or units of your utility usage or the amount billed to or collected from you for your utility usage

If you do not wish to request release (disclosure) of your utilities account information, you do not need to take any action. Please be advised, however, that, by law, your utilities account information remains subject to release (disclosure) by the City to the following regardless of whether you have provided the City with a written request for release (disclosure):

  1. An official or employee of the state, a political subdivision of the state, or the United States acting in an official capacity
  2. An employee of a utility acting in connection with the employee’s duties
  3. A consumer reporting agency
  4. A contractor or subcontractor approved by and providing services to the utility, the state, a political subdivision of the state, or the United States
  5. A person for whom you have contractually waived confidentiality for personal information
  6. Another entity that provides, water, wastewater, sewer, gas, garbage, electricity or drainage service for compensation

    If you do wish to request release (disclose) your utilities account information, please complete the release (disclosure) form and return it by email, mail, or hand delivery to City of Weatherford, Utility Billing Department, 303 Palo Pinto Street, Weatherford, TX 76086.

Garbage Can Liners

  • Effective 2021 - The City no longer furnishes free plastic liners.
  • Effective January 1, 2021, can liners/trash bags can be purchased at the City Hall Utility Billing Desks and are $6 per roll of 50. Liner sales are limited to City of Weatherford garbage customers.