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Utility Billing is located at City Hall (303 Palo Pinto Street), three blocks west of the main courthouse on the square on the south side of Palo Pinto Street

Utility Billing Hours

7:30am to 5:00pm Monday- Friday

Our Customer Service Phone Number offers some self-service options as well as options to speak to live representatives. Our secure phone line offers a few options, over the phone payments, set up new utilities accounts, restore service and more!
Phone Number and Option Service you are needing
817.598.4225 OPT 1 Establish new service
817.598.4225 OPT 2 Pay utility bill over the phone (using IVR)
817.598.4225 OPT 3 Restore service to a past due account
817.598.4225 OPT 4 Report Water, Wastewater, or Electric Outages and Interruptions
817.598.4225 OPT 5 Questions about Water, Wastewater, or Electric Utilities 
817.598.4225 OPT 6 Speak to a representative and for Utility Billing questions