Capital Campaign

2014 Needs Assessment

On March 6, 2014 Heather Lewis of Animal Arts hosted a Needs Assessment Workshop with the City of Weatherford and Parker County to discuss short and long range plans for expansion and renovations to the current Weatherford/Parker County Animal Shelter campus.

The Needs Assessment showed the following results:

• As the population of Parker County continues to grow rapidly, we expect animal populations to increase as well. The current campus does not allow for future growth in animal populations.

• The current facilities do not meet current industry and building code standards and are not constructed of long-lasting materials. The existing buildings are in need of repair and eventual replacement.

Due to the results from this assessment, and in order to keep up with demand, the Shelter administration developed a multi-phase Strategic Master Plan for construction, renovation and expansion of the Shelter facilities. The Master Plan will allow for cohesive and sensible development of the campus over time, with emphasis on:

• Improving the flow of animals, staff, and visitors;

• Improving the safety of all operations; and

• Providing spaces for new and expanding programs in a cohesive manner.

This careful long-range planning by Weatherford/Parker County Animal Services administration and knowledgeable friends resulted in this exciting strategic approach to meeting the needs of the animals and constituencies of the Weatherford/Parker County Animal Shelter. This multi-year plan is positioning the Shelter for an exciting era of service. The Animal Shelter’s Giving Second Chances Campaign was authorized by the Weatherford City Council and encouraged by the Animal Shelter Advisory Committee.


The Business of Giving Second Chances

Here at the Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter we like to think of what we do as giving second chances. The sweet duo shown below, Max and Maxine, are just one example of this. This sweet, inseparable pair came to the shelter after their kind-hearted owner suffered a decline in health and then a broken back. The two had never been away from home and were very scared. When visitors would come through to look at the dogs Max would bark loudly and appear mean. This made the already difficult task of getting them adopted together even harder. Staff decided to move them to the office where things would be a little more peaceful. The move suited Max and Maxine but meant less people would see them. Almost a month passed before an adopter decided this was the perfect pair! Through the staff and volunteers' hard work Max and Maxine got their second chance and are now in their forever home and doing very well. 

Campaign Priorities

The Giving Second Chances Campaign Base Goal is $1,650,000 and the Challenge Goal is $2,600,000 to be raised in three-year commitments. The Campaign will fund the following priorities:


Medical Treatment/Animal Care Center - Goal: $615,000

Spay and Neuter Funds - Base:$50,000; Challenge: $50,000; Total Goal: $100,000

Medical Isolation Center - Goal: $360,000

Renovation of Adoption Center - Goal: $60,000

Intake/Processing Building and Sallyport - Goal: $420,000

Animal Play Yards and Enrichment - Goal: $50,000

Livestock Barns and Relocation - Goal: $196,000

Feral Cat and Trap-Neuter-Release Funds - Goal: $165,000

Improved Roads and Grounds - Goal: $75,000

Multipurpose Classrooms - Base Goal: $70,000; Challenge Goal: $127,000;
​                                            Total Goal: $197,000

GETTING STARTED: Master Plan Kickstart $362,000

TOTAL FOR PHASE 1 AND 2      $1,650,000
CHALLENGE GOAL                        $950,000
TOTAL GOAL                                $2,600,000

The Shelter is also pursuing estate/planned gifts in this campaign. At least $1,000,000 for endowment could be achieved through this method of giving. Please review the Campaign Questions and Answers Pamphlet and/or speak with Dustin Deel, Director of Municipal and Community Services and Campaign Director, to assist you with this method of giving.