R.O.W. Permit Form


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Permit Procedures 

A permit shall be obtained for all street right-of-way excavations prior to any cut (open ditch, boring, bore pit, curb cut, etc.) being made. It is understood that street cuts are sometimes made in an emergency situation and under emergency circumstances the City of Weatherford authorizes such cuts to be made and notification shall be made by submitting the application for permit to the Public Works Department no later than Noon the following working day. 

Permits can be obtained from the Public Works Department located in the Public Works Building at 802 East Oak Street, Weatherford, Texas. Applications are accepted by fax (817-598-4238) or email. Upon approval of the application, the issued permit must be signed to be a valid City permit. The permit application shall be obtained and APPROVED in advance of the actual construction activity, from the Public Works Department. 

What to Provide

The following information will need to be provided to obtain a Permit: 

  • Completed application and 2 sets of 11"x 17"design plans, profile plan & traffic control plan. 
  • $35 fee per permit 
  • Estimate of cut sizes (i.e. 4'x3' asphalt, 30LF curb,32SF concrete, etc.) 
  • Deposit $ for any asphalt or concrete repairs needed 

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After Work is Completed

If no changes were made to previous submittals, go to our ROW Final As Built submittal page, but only if NO changes were made. 

If changes were made during construction, to the plans you first submitted to us, then finals, showing changes will need to be submitted to the office at 802 East Oak Street between 8 am and 5 PM, Monday through Friday. Please note, failure to submit Finals in a timely manner, will place a hold on any future permit applications.