Field Rentals

Field Rentals

The fields at Cartwright Park, Holland Lake Park, Soldier Spring, and McGratton Park are available for the public to rent for practices, pick-up games, and tournaments. All Parks and Recreation games, tournaments, and special events take priority over all other users. In the event the field has been specially prepared for games or closed for maintenance or weather, the gates may be locked and users are prohibited from using that field (City Ordinance, 2001). All city facilities are alcohol and tobacco free. no glass containers allowed.  No inappropriate behavior is allowed at City of Weatherford facilities.  All reservations are subject to be reviewed for current and future usage. 

Field Rental Policies for Games, Tournaments & Practices


Fields are available on a first come, first serve basis, unless closed for reasons stated above. Paid reservations will take priority over use by the public. The fields are available to rent in 1 ½ hour time slots, Monday through Friday nights: 4-5:30 pm, 5:30-7 pm, 7-8:30 pm, 8:30-10 pm. Time slots for Saturday and Sunday are open, but must be reserved in 1 ½ hour increments. Reservations may be made up to 7 business days in advance.

Due to high demand in specific times of the year, teams or groups will be limited to 1 time slot per week Monday-Friday, regardless of field. Weekend practices have no restrictions other than being rented in 1 ½ hour increments. Fields may only be rented up to 1 week in advance.


Your receipt will be proof of reservation and must be produced on demand.

  • Holland Lake Field #1- $30/slot
  • Holland Lake Field #2- $30/slot
  • Holland Lake Field #3 - $30/slot
  • Cartwright-$15/slot (no lights)
  • McGratton-$15/slot (no lights)
  • Carmichael-$15/slot
  • Williams-$15/slot
  • Brunson-$15/slot
  • Noon Lions-$15/slot
  • Charles Street-$15/slot
  • Riddle-$15/slot
  • Girl's T-Ball-$15/slot

Reservation Procedures

Availability may be checked at anytime, however payment must accompany a reservation. Cash, check or credit cards accepted. Teams may take the field at the time reservation begins and must exit the field at the time the reservation ends. Teams are responsible for cleaning up after themselves and leaving the facility trash-free. All city facilities are alcohol and tobacco free. no glass containers allowed. Please call 817.598.4124.

Tournament Policy

General Pricing for Holland Lake Park:

  • Non-profit (must provide proof of 501(c)3 status)
    • Refundable Deposit: $150
    • Facility rate: $600 per day  - All (3) Fields 
  • Commercial users and Fundraiser
    • Refundable Deposit: $150
    • Facility rate: $850 per day - All (3) Fields

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    Fax: 817-598-4354