Fire Department

The Weatherford Fire Department is a progressive organization comprised of professionals who have accepted the mission of delivering superior services to all we serve.

The Weatherford Fire Department will be recognized as leaders in our profession and as role models in our community. We will continually strive to improve our services by investing in all-inclusive training, comprehensive education, and state of the art equipment. We will stay true to our values and hold one another accountable in pursuit of excellence

Faith, Duty, Loyalty, Honor, and Leadership.

About Weatherford Fire Department

The Fire Department’s primary mission is to saves lives and protect property in the City of Weatherford, Emergency Services District #3, and for every individual in it, whether resident, visiting, or just passing through. This is accomplished through the delivery of emergency medical services, fire suppression operations, and fire prevention through inspections and public education.

  • Total Response Area: 98 Square Miles
    1. City of Weatherford: 25 Square Miles
    2. Emergency Service District #3: 73 Square Miles
  • Total Population Served: 51,014
    1. City of Weatherford: 34,837
    2. Emergency Service District #3: 16,177

How Do I...
For additional information regarding frequently asked questions (FAQ's) and other Fire Department related questions, click here to access our FAQ page.