Licensed Commercial Haulers

There are currently three (3) companies licensed to operate in the city limits of Weatherford. If a city resident is in need of renting a dumpster for remodeling issues (for example) or a commercial business would like to use a dumpster service instead of using city service the following is a list of the three (3) companies and contact numbers:

Waste Connection 817-596-4171
R&R Dumpsters 817-760-0504
Republic 800-644-3961
Empire Disposal 817-478-1288
Midwest Waste 940-328-1176
TJ Services 817-341-9666

Commercial businesses using a dumpster service must provide customer service with a copy of the contract with that company. If at any time a commercial business cancels the contract, services with the city must be reestablished.

If you have any questions please call 817-598-4145.