School Resource Officers

Goals and Functions

  • Having uniformed officers present on school campuses is a proactive crime prevention strategy that larger school districts throughout Texas have adopted. Crimes that occur on school property are investigated by the School Resource Officers (SROs). SROs issue citations and conduct all arrests for incidents that occur on school property.
  • Creating a positive relationship with kids and young adults is a primary goal of law enforcement and the SRO program.
  • Because juvenile violence and juvenile-related crime is unfortunately present in every city and school district, the SRO program addresses crime issues and helps parents feel secure about sending their children to school, social events, and various athletic functions associated with the schools.

Duties of a SRO 

Law enforcement is the primary duty of a SRO, but the officers are often called on to help with peer mediation, counseling and to speak at various school functions. SROs also work closely with the Parker County District Attorney's Office, Juvenile Probation and Child Protective Services in regards to cases that involve students. 

SROs assist Weatherford Independent School District at the following campuses:

  • Seven elementary schools
  • Two junior high schools
  • One ninth grade school
  • One alternative campus
  • One PASS campus
  • One high school

During the Summer 

The School Resource Officers work hard throughout the school year and their work does not stop when school ends for the summer.  SRO's attend summer school with the students and help out with the Kids Unite program. They also work as Marine Safety Officers and also patrol the city parks.  SROs also attend their mandatory training courses during the summer months so that it does not interfere with school attendance. 

08.18.21 SRO Group