Police Chaplain

Kent Marrs - Police Chaplain

The Police Chaplain is appointed by the Chief of Police to be an aid to the Weatherford Police Officers and the Weatherford community by providing spiritual guidance, counseling and comfort in times of crisis. Without attempting to moralize, evangelize, proselytize or criticize, the Police Chaplain strives to be a particularly close friend to the officers and citizens of Weatherford.

Retired Pastor Kent Marrs is the current Police Chaplain and has worked in that capacity for many years.   He is aware of the fact that the Police Officer's job is an extremely difficult one, being constantly in the presence of danger and under constant pressure and tension. Because of this, the Police Chaplain strives to create such a relationship with the officer that he/she would feel free to turn to him for counsel at any time. Likewise, a Chaplain is available to the officer's family and to all who are associated in any way with the Police Department. Police Chaplains make every effort to be available to listen to the problems and concerns within the Department and to share the grief, sorrows, and the joys, both individually and collectively. 

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Kent Marrs