Give a Second Chance! Volunteer Today!

Give a Second Chance!

Volunteers Are What Makes Us Great!

The mission of the Weatherford Parker Animal Shelter (WPCAS) is to improve the bonds between humans and their animals through effective outreach and exceptional customer service to our community.

We encourage the active involvement of volunteers at all levels of our agency. Volunteers work in partnership with staff to improve the bonds between humans and animals, increase the number of animals with loving homes, keep the community safe, and offer a municipal service of excellence to our community. Our volunteer family is part of what makes our shelter GREAT!

See what our volunteers have to say about their experience! 

The WPCAS Volunteer Program 

Volunteers are involved to help promote animal awareness within the community and to educate the public about responsible pet care, ownership and safety for and around animals.

Volunteers also make it possible to provide opportunities for residents to interact and with animals at WPCAS and help guide families through the adoption process.

Because volunteers interact with animals in our care on a regular basis, they can offer meaningful insight into the personality and behavior of the animal, which helps the public make informed choices. Ultimately, volunteers help us find compatible homes for as many animals as possible.

Volunteer Positions are Now Open 

We are currently recruiting for the following two positions

Animal Care Team 

Customer Care Team

Anyone age 16 and older is welcome to apply.

For as little as four hours a month, you can make a big difference in the life of an animal in need.

Take this opportunity to invest in a cause you believe in!

Start Volunteering with Four Simple Steps

 To get started, follow these four easy steps...

 Step 1:  Complete your Volunteer Application in your MyVolunteer page.

 Step 2:  /Sign your Background Check Authorization & Consent Form & return a copy to us with your $5.00 fee. You can download the Background Check Form

 Step 3:  Read the WPCAS Volunteer Handbook and start learning about us with our short online video lessons

 Step 4:  Attend an in-person orientation and sign up for your first shift.


Contact Us With Any Questions

Kenzie Redington
Phone: 817-598-4111 | Email: 

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