Distance Learning

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Distance learning is a term that is interchangeable and synonymous with virtual, remote, or online learning. It can be self-paced or directed by an instructor. Virtual or online schools provide a comprehensive education program that uses video lessons and online links to instruct, guide, grade, test, and keep a record of a student’s education. A diploma is often provided upon completion. Not all distance learning is online and could be a blended approach of teacher interaction and online work, or an offline option may be available using DVD videos, interactive software, textbooks, and step-by-step lesson plans with an off-site assignment delivery location for students who have limited internet access. Online curriculum is another variation of distance learning where the student is guided through assignments, videos, weblinks, and other resources for a comprehensive education. It is up to the parent to make sure the student is completing the scheduled work. Grades, records, and diplomas are not usually provided.

E-Learning expands the terms above to include additional educational website choices for a variety of formats like downloadable worksheets, editable templates, learning tools, videos, e-books, educational games and weblinks. They may or may not include lessons plans, tests and other helps. Parents may need to provide guidance on selections.

The Weatherford Public Library has computer workstations for internet access. Our collection has many homeschool curriculum selections, and the Homeschool Resources webpage has more free resources available. Please let us help you have a great homeschool year!


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Free Virtual

Note: Free virtual programs like K12, ISchool Virtual, Texas Connections Academy and similar online schools are public school options and are not homeschooling. Any student enrolled in a publicly funded option will be under public school jurisdiction, requirements, oversight, and testing. Homeschool laws will not apply to a student in these types of programs.

Free programs

An Old-Fashioned Education
A free Charlotte Mason style curriculum provides a full curriculum in an organized manner using public domain texts. 

Ambleside Online
This free Charlotte Mason classically based curriculum covers grades K-12.

Crash Course
Free high-quality educational videos replace the traditional textbook model of teaching; great AP prep!

CK-12 Foundation
This non-profit organization provides access to high quality learning materials for children all over the world with a goal towards educational equity for all.

Free daily website recommendations for curriculum are sent by e-mail (when you sign-up) that help your child learn; a different subject for each day.

Discovery K12
Free (student account), online homeschool uses open-source technologies for grades K-12 (parent account is an optional upgrade). This is a private company not affiliated with any government agency or school district. The curriculum is Non-Common Core, traditional and secular.

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool
Easy Peasy offers a complete, free online Christian homeschool curriculum for all grades; a homeschool favorite!

Freedom Homeschooling
Easy to navigate free homeschool materials in a variety of formats and subject areas. Choose from online curriculum or print out guides, workbooks, textbooks, and more. A great resource for new homeschoolers!

Khan Academy
Khan Academy is the most well-known personalized online learning resource and provides a world class education for anyone. Their slogan is “You can learn anything. For free. For everyone. Forever.”

Under the Home Curriculum 
K-5 Charlotte Mason inspired homeschooling curriculum offers a super easy to navigate webpage using free resources like Ray’s Arithmetic and McGuffey Readers. Print out lesson plans, trace work, copy work, coloring pages, notebook pages, guides and answer keys. A simple lesson design makes it possible for kids to move through at their own pace, and families can use multiple devices at once to access this responsive website. A great find for a traditional approach to homeschooling!

Free games

Free education games are for grades K-5. Selections are varied, and you can purchase a family account for instant access to apps on multiple devices.

This free educational platform covers ages 4-12 and encourages learning through playing. Adobe Flash Player is required.

Mr. Nussbaum
Developed by a practicing teacher, this free website is for grades K-8. Reinforce skills and challenge students to interactively learn. 


The Weatherford Public Library is providing this resource to assist local homeschoolers. A great amount of the information is useful for all educators and parents. It is not an endorsement of any product or business mentioned or a promotion of homeschooling as a preference over other choices in education.