Emergency Preparedness

First-Aid Kit

Disasters come in a variety of phenomenons from tornados, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes etc... Some disasters occur naturally, some are man made. Some are caused by carelessness some are caused on purpose. Bottom line for you and your family, it doesn’t matter what caused it, a disaster is a disaster. 

In the event of a disaster, will you and your family have the supplies on hand to meet your needs? The following is a list to help you determine what to include in your disaster supply kit to meet your family’s needs. Obviously, not all of these items will need to be in your kit. You should review the list; pick out what you think would apply to you and your family and prepare the kit. Discuss the use and purpose of the kit with your family and its location. 

Check out our list by clicking here*. 

*this list is based on texasready.gov and the American Red Cross Suggestions