MuniPower Electric Campaign

MuniPowerTM is a communications program, developed by Schneider Engineering, designed for Municipally Owned Utilities (MOUs), with the goal of informing and educating the utility’s customers about the benefits of the public power model. The program focuses on the “global benefits” that accrue to all communities served by public power systems but also highlights specific City of Weatherford examples, projects and benefits. Together the Weatherford Electric Department, Weatherford Communications & Marketing and MuniPowerTM launched an ongoing campaign in July of 2020. 

The MuniPowerTM campaign will utilize a variety of communication channels and platforms to reach a variety of our customers including city social media accounts, the website, brochures as bill inserts and presentations. The campaign will continue into 2021 as we expand the education, service announcements and saving tips. 

View some of the 2021 educational and marketing materials below:

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View some of the 2020 educational and marketing materials below: