Jury Duty

Jury Duty

Please contact the court at 817-598-4120 twenty-four (24) hours before your scheduled time to verify that the trial is still scheduled. You must report for jury service unless you (1) claim and exemption; (2) are disqualified; or (3) choose to postpone your service.

Juror Questionnaire

Complete and submit your juror questionnaire here.

Exemption, Disqualification or Postponement

Claim an exemption or disqualification or request a postponement of jury service here.

Failure to Answer Summons and Provision of False Information

Any person summoned who fails to attend or who fails to remain in attendance until discharged by the Court may be fined an amount not to exceed $100 for contempt (Code of Criminal Procedure, Article 45.027). A person shall be fined not less than $100 nor more than $500 if the person: (1) fails to attend court in obedience to a summons without reasonable excuse; or (2) files a false claim of exemption from jury service (Government Code, Section 62.111; see also Code of Criminal Procedure, Article 35.01). A person who fails to comply with a summons, or who knowingly provides false information in a request for an exemption or to be excused from jury service, is subject to a contempt action punishable by a fine of not less than $100 nor more than $1,000 (Government Code, Section 62.0141).

What to Expect

  • bring your photo ID with you
  • when you arrive, check in at the clerk window
  • submit your juror questionnaire to the clerk (not applicable if you completed the online juror questionnaire)
  • after check-in, you will be seated in the Council Chambers
  • all jurors will be screened for security and all bags will be checked
  • if selected for the jury panel, your cell phone will be turned into the Bailiff and returned to you when the trial is over and the judge has dismissed you
  • if selected, you will hear a single, Class C Misdemeanor case, punishable by fine only