Whisker Wednesday

Program Description

Welcome to Whisker Wednesday, a dedicated initiative providing essential spay/neuter services for community cats on the last Wednesday of each month.

Residents of Parker County are invited to bring community cats in live traps to the Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter, where they will receive comprehensive vaccinations and undergo spaying/neutering procedures. A distinctive notch will also be placed in the tip of cat's right ear, serving as a visible marker indicating that the cat has been altered and will no longer contribute to the overpopulation of young felines.

We will accommodate the first 100 community cats arriving at the shelter on this special day. 

Residents can conveniently drop off their cats, complete simple paperwork, and then return at their designated time later that day for a smooth and efficient pickup process. 

Please join us in making a positive impact on our community's feline population through Whisker Wednesday! 

whisker wed

Quick Facts

This service is on the last Wednesday of each month (any cancellations or rescheduled days will be posted to this site)

You must live in the service areas of Parker County

Each cat needs to be in a livetrap and there can only be one cat per trap

Drop-off time is 8:00am

Pickup will be the same day and the exact time will be provided to you at drop off

Cats will receive the FVRCP vaccine and rabies vaccine

The right ear will receive a notch to signify the cat is altered, no exceptions

Cats should remain in the livetrap in a climate-controlled environment overnight to recover from surgery   


Spay/neuter 1,200 community cats between Oct 2023 and Sept 2024

October 25th 2023- 116 community cats fixed

November 29th 2023- 109 community cats fixed

December 2023 - CANCELLED

January- 31st, 2024- 127 community cats fixed

February 14 AND 28, 2024

March 2024

April 2024.

May 2024

June 2024

July 2024

August 2024

September 2024