Log Cabin

G. A. Holland, a former mayor of Weatherford, arranged this tribute to Parker County history for future generations. The cabins were purchased and then relocated through the process of numbering the logs and rebuilding them accordingly. The two single-pen homes were placed in what is now Holland Lake Park and stand as a tribute to the past.

True Pioneer Era Holland Lake Cabin
One of the log cabins located at Holland Lake Park has a rough and tumble past colored with Parker County flair. The tales of cowboys and Indians really does apply to one cabin, as it was originally a residence that withstood an Indian raid.

The Bumgarner log home is where George McClesky was killed by Indians in August 1873. He was shot while saddling his horse to move livestock. Mr.Bumgarner then pulled his wounded son-in-law inside the cabin while they exchanged fire, driving the Indians away. Numerous bullet holes are still visible in the walls today.

To see a part of Parker County history, visit Holland Lake Park, located at 1419 Holland Lake Road.