Resource Consumption Data

The City of Weatherford has adopted a goal to reduce electrical consumption by 5% annually until 2013 in conjunction with the Texas Energy Partnership Program (TEP) and the State Energy Conservation Office (SECO), as well as the requirements of SB12 and HB3693 passed by the 80th Texas Legislature.

  • Record and report the entity's metered resource consumption usage data for electricity, natural gas, and water on a publicly accessible internet page.
  • Adopt a goal to reduce facilities' electrical consumption by 5% for six years, beginning September 1, 2007.
  • Implement all energy efficiency measures for existing facilities that meet the standards established for a contract for energy conservation measures under Local Government Code Section 3024(b).
  • Submit an annual report to SECO in an electronic format regarding the entity's energy efficiency progress, efforts, and consumption data.
Visit the links on the left for consumption data beginning with Fiscal Year 2008.