Do you have volunteer programs for children?
No, not at this time.

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1. Can I burn a pile of leaves and limbs? How do a obtain a burn permit?
2. What is the “ISO”? What is the City of Weatherford’s ISO rating?
3. How do I submit a Tier II report to the Weatherford Fire Department or Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)?
4. I just drove past a fire hydrant that is gushing water. Is it broken?
5. Does Weatherford have a Volunteer Fire Department?
6. How can I set up a tour of the fire station?
7. I am hosting a special event and I’d like a Firefighter to come speak to our group. Is anyone available for such an event?
8. How can I dispose of used paint and motor oil?
9. Does the Weatherford Fire Department offer CPR classes?
10. Can I get my blood pressure checked at the fire station?
11. Does the Weatherford Fire Department recommend a specific smoke detector?
12. Can I get assistance installing my smoke detector and changing the batteries in my smoke detector?
13. Do you have free smoke detectors available for city residents?
14. My neighbor has tall, dry grass and weeds that I am afraid may become a fire hazard. Who do I contact?
15. How do I obtain a fire report?
16. I’ve been calling, but no one is in the office.
17. My child has started several small fires recently. Is there anything I can do to deter him/her from doing this again?
18. Can fireworks be used in Weatherford?
19. Which station covers my neighborhood?
20. Do you have volunteer programs for children?
21. Where can I find brochures relating to fire safety issues?
22. Can you help me find a street not shown on the City map? Where do I obtain a street address for my new home/business?