My vehicle has been impounded by Weatherford Police. How can I get it back?
Providing that your vehicle is not being held as evidence, you will need to bring one or more of the following documentation papers to the WPD Communications Department to obtain a release form:

A. Original title – If state is a title holding state, provide the vehicle registration.
B. Title receipt – Original bill of sale if inside of 30 days. If older than 30 days, you must go to the Auto Registration office and bring the title up to date first.
C. Notarized letter from the registered owner giving you permission to take possession of their vehicle. If you are a family member, you can use the state approved form, which allows a close family member to take possession of the vehicle.
D. Court order giving you authority to take possession of the vehicle.
E. Probate or divorce paperwork stating the vehicle has been given to you.
F. Photo ID – name must match the name on the title/receipt/bill of sale. (Unless you have a notarized letter from the owner stating you can pick up the vehicle.) If the name on the title is a company or dealership, the company or dealership must provide a notarized letter on letterhead stating a) the name of the person and that he/she is authorized to pick up the vehicle and b) all vehicle information.
G. Proof of liability insurance on the vehicle that was impounded must be provided before vehicles can be released.

The WPD uses the following wrecker services:
AA Wrecker (located at 1401 Ranger Highway, 817-341-3565)
Sargent’s Wrecker (located at 1763 North Main Street, 817-596-3566)
Miller’s Wrecker(located at 491 Green Branch Road, 817-341-1133)
Ace’s Wrecker (located at 1233 B Linville Lane, 817-599-4111)
Longhorn Wrecker (located at 2950 FM 920, 817-341-7676)

Please contact the appropriate wrecker service regarding storage/impound fees.

If you have questions, please contact the Communications Office 24 hours per day at 817-598-4300.

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