What is a Storm Water Utility?
On October 23, 2012 the City Council adopted Ordinance 578-2012-27 establishing Storm Water Utility System within the City Limits of the City of Weatherford. The utility is a service charge or fee based on "use", just like sanitary sewer or drinking water. The revenue from the Storm Water Utility System can only be spent on storm water related activities and will provide a funding source for maintenance, repair and construction of storm water facilities.

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1. What is a Storm Water Utility?
2. Who pays the Storm Water fee?
3. How much is the Storm Water Utility fee?
4. What does impervious area mean?
5. How does the City know the impervious area of a property?
6. What if I think my fee is not calculated correctly?
7. Are there exemptions to the fee?
8. What does the City plan to do with the revenue raised by the fee?
9. Who will administer the Storm Water Utility Program and Storm Water fee?