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City of Weatherford, Texas
Human Resources
303 Palo Pinto Street - P.O. Box 255
Weatherford, Texas 76086

Fill in blanks as accurately and neatly as possible. To be considered for a position, you must meet the minimum job requirements as shown in the "Job Announcement." Employment is based on qualification for the position, regardless of race, age, color, sex, religion, national origin, citizenship, or disability. All applicants will be subject to work history investigations and applicants who will be driving City owned vehicles will be checked for valid drivers license and safe driving history. If you are chosen for employment in a position that requires manual labor and/or physical exertion, you must pass a routine medical examination given at the City's expense. The City of Weatherford is a Drug-Free Workplace and does participate in controlled substance testing. Employment is contingent upon verification of citizenship/immigration status, as required be the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 ("IRCA"). THE CITY OF WEATHERFORD IS A TOBACCO-FREE EMPLOYER. Smoking or the use of smoke-free tobacco is not allowed on any city property, city equipment, or any time while in City furnished uniform.

Type of Work


Start with present or most recent job. Include military service. Include additional employment experience in an attachment if necessary. Civilian or military experience acquired more than 10 years ago may be omitted if inapplicable to the job you are now seeking. If you have had more than four employers in the last 10 years, please contact Human Resources at 817-598-4204 to submit additional employment information via email.

Present or most recent job

Previous employers in order of most recent to oldest

Time Lapses in Employment History

Driver's License Information

Special Qualifications and Skills

Authorization for Release of Information
I hereby authorize any investigator or duly accredited representative of the City of Weatherford bearing this release to obtain any information from schools, residential management agents, employers, criminal justice agencies, or individuals, relating to my activities. This information may include, but is not limited to, academic, residential, achievement, performance, attendance, personal history, disciplinary, arrest, and conviction records. I herby direct you to release such information upon request of the bearer. I understand that the information released is for official use by the City of Weatherford and may be disclosed to such third parties as necessary in the fulfillment of official responsibilities.

I herby release any individual, including record custodians, from any and all liability for damages of whatever kind or nature which may at any time result to me on account of compliance, or any attempts to comply, with this authorization.

Certification of Application

To the Applicant:
It is the City of Weatherford's policy to provide equal employment opportunities to all applicants. In order to maintain and preserve this policy, it is important that certain information be gathered and maintained for statistical purposes only. This information will be detached from the application immediately upon receipt and before any review of your qualifications. This information will be placed on file separate from all other applicant and employee records and will not be used in any way in deciding who is recommended or selected for employment or for any other personnel action. Completion of this section is NOT required, but your cooperation in furnishing the requested information would be greatly appreciated.

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