The Purchasing Division assists all City departments in the procurement of materials, supplies, and services based upon availability, quality, and price. The procurement process includes preparing bid specifications and tabulations, and conducting bid proceedings.

The City of Weatherford is committed to doing business in a manner that promotes the best interest of the citizens of Weatherford.  Our public purchasing goals are:
  • Purchase quality goods and services.
  • Obtain the best possible price for goods and services.
  • Encourage and promote interlocal cooperation among area agencies.
  • Accept delivery of goods and services when and where needed.
  • Assure a continuing supply of needed goods and services.
  • Guard against any misappropriation of any assets procured.  
  • Responsible bidders are given a fair opportunity to compete for the City's business. 
  • Public funds are safeguarded.

Notice to Vendors

Texas Local Government Code, Chapter 176 requires certain persons who contract or seek to contract for the sale or purchase of property, goods or services with the City of Weatherford to file a conflict of interest questionnaire.  

Prior to doing business with the City, please complete the Conflict of Interest Questionnaire and a W-9.  
Conflict of Interest Questionnaire
W-9 Form

Bid/Request for Proposal Opportunities
Current bid/request for proposals opportunities for the City:
City Bids/RFP's (other than Water/Wastewater)

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For more purchasing information and details, feel free to contract the Purchasing Division.