Fire Related Permits

Fire Codes and various City Ordinances require the acquisition of a Fire Permit before some activities are allowed.  Permits are used by local, state, and federal agencies to assure that a potentially dangerous or very important activity is conducted according to life and safety codes and standards.  The Fire Department permits generally require a pre-planning meeting or submittal, and an on-site inspection of the activity by a Fire Department Inspector.

The fees required for permits are based on the administrative cost for reviewing, issuing, and inspecting.  Every year the Weatherford City Council reviews and adopts the permit fee schedule which is used to determine the cost of the various permits issued by the City Departments. 

Installation or modification to any of the following systems require a fire permit:

Fire Alarm 

Fire Sprinkler / Fire Line

Commercial Cooking Hood 

Access Control System

Propane Tank (LP)

Underground Storage Tank

Tent / Canopy (Greater than 400 sqft.)


Open Burning

Mobile Food Truck / Trailer

All Fire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler plans must be reviewed by an approved third party reviewer prior to submission to the City of Weatherford Fire Marshal's Office.  To see the approved list, click " THIRD PARTY REVIEW LIST from the menu on the left. 

Fire permit applications are now being accepted electronically. To submit an electronic application please click "PERMIT APPLICATION" from the menu on the left.