Scope of Work Letter


This provides guidelines for the use of Scope of Work Letters for fire protection systems.  The Weatherford Fire Marshal’s Office reserves the right to request additional information after receipt of a scope of work letter.


A Scope of Work Letter must be submitted on company letterhead and contain the following:

            Project Name

            Project Address

            Scope of Work Statement

Must be specific (i.e., relocate 3 sprinkler heads in the conference room). This statement must cover the full scope of the permit being requested.  

            Submitting Contractor Name

            Submitting Contractor Phone Number

            Submitting Contractor Email Address

            Submitting Contractor License Number(s) 


Product Technical Data Sheets including UL/FM listings 

Copy of License(s)


Once these items are submitted and reviewed, the Weatherford Fire Marshal’s Office will issue a permit for the work.  Work MAY NOT start until the permit is issued.  The permit and a stamped copy of the Scope of Work Letter SHALL be on site whenever work in underway.  

Contact the Weatherford Fire Marshal’s Office if any work exceeds the approved and permitted Scope of Work Letter.  


Thank you,

Weatherford Fire Marshal