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Rescue Partner Application

  1. Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter Rescue Partnership Application
    Fully complete all information and follow instructions according to our Rescue Policy.
  2. Rescue Organization Information
  3. Submit the legal name for your organization.
  4. Submit the 501c3 EIN Number for the organization.
  5. Letter of recommendation from your organization's main veterinarian. Must be on the vet clinic's letterhead.
  6. Required Contact Information
    Submit contact information for the following person(s).
  7. Primary Contact Person
  8. Please list FIRST and LAST name, phone number and email address of all person(s) approved to place tags at the shelter. Must be 18 years or older.
  9. Please list First and Last Name, phone number, and email address of all current board members AND their position with the board.
  10. I, on behalf of the rescue organization, agree to the terms of rescue partnership with the Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter.
    - The Rescue must maintain accurate records of any animals pulled from the Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter, including up to date rabies and sterilization records and submit any required paperwork (required by the transfer agreement) within the time frame documented. - The Rescue must agree to retain the animal transferred until adoption, euthanasia or death, therefore the animal cannot be surrendered to a shelter facility once ownership is transferred into the Rescue’s program. The Rescue agrees to resolve any behavioral/medical issues and/or disclose any issues to any potential adopters. - Any animal transferred to a Rescue partner is transferred on an as-is basis unless approved by the Director of Municipal and Community Services or his/her designee. - Adoptable animals will be available for adoption for two (2) business days prior to a Rescue being able to pull, or as directed by Director of Municipal and Community Services or his/her designee . The first day of adoption will be determined by shelter staff. Special Needs and Urgent Animals will be made available immediately upon re-evaluation date for Rescue as directed by management. Director of Municipal and Community Services or his/her designee will need to confirm this decision. * The Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter will accept tags from eligible Rescues if the following is submitted and the Rescue receives a CONFIRMATION to their tag: a. Rescue must send an EMAIL to that contains the following information: i. Rescue Group ii. Representative’s Name, Phone Number and Email Address iii. Animal’s Name and ID Number iv. Transporter’s Name and Phone Number v. Date for Pick Up (must be by end of day unless otherwise specified by staff) vi. Time for Pick Up vii. If additional services are requested by the Rescue- ie Spay/Neuter, Microchip, Rabies Vaccination, Heartworm test- then the animal will be placed on the Surgery Schedule for the service at the next available date. Unless otherwise directed by the Director of Municipal and Community Services or his/her designee, all requested services will be performed. b. Rescue Tags will be approved on a first come, first serve basis for approved rescue partners upon impound. Again, adoptable animals will be held for adoption for two (2) business days, or as directed by management. Rescues can tag an animal before it is available for adoption, but the Rescue must still wait for the 2 day adoption hold prior to taking the animal. c. A rescue must receive an email confirmation from WPCAS staff for their tag to be approved. Rescue groups must pick up a tagged animal by end of day on day the animal is available and confirmed by WPCAS. Failure to pick up animal or communicate with staff will forfeit the tag on the animal.
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