Make your own, DIY, Pet First Aid Kit:

​     http://aspcapro.org/resource/saving-lives-shelter-health-poison-control/how-make-pet-first-aid-kit

​Found Abandoned Babies- What to Do?

Spring is here and summer is coming, meaning that it is not unusual for abandoned kittens and wildlife to be found while you are out and about. Of course you want to help if you find these sweet babies, but before jumping to conclusions, please follow these steps, and remember, the mothers are wild animals (even semi-feral mother cats) and will do all they can to not lead potential predators (us included) to their babies. This means that you will rarely, if ever, see the mothers of the kittens and wildlife babies you find.

If you find abandoned babies, please remember:


a. Many times when babies are found “abandoned” the mother is out searching for food. She may be gone for several hours during the day or night.

b. The mother, in order to protect her babies, will not approach her babies until she is sure the presence of humans or predators is long gone.

c. Clean, quite kittens are probably NOT abandoned. *Remember that they will start crying immediately upon waking up, so if you poke at them and wake them up, the crying will begin, but doesn’t mean they are starving… it’s just what they do when they wake up.

2. Remove the kittens/wildlife babies ONLY if they are in immediate or grave danger.

a. The best chance of survival for the kittens/wildlife babies is their mother.

3. If the kittens are being cared for by the mother, leave them there. Once they are about 8 weeks old bring them to the shelter for Trap-Neuter-Return.

a. Get the MOTHER cat spayed! She can become pregnant WHILE still nursing.

4. Mother Rabbits are only in the nest to nurse, so the babies can seem abandoned when they are not.