Garden Etiquette

Chandor Gardens is a living museum, we ask that you leave the Gardens in the same condition you found it in. Thank you.

For your safety, and to protect Chandor Gardens, please adhere to the following rules:

  • Help us maintain the beauty of the Gardens by staying on all designated paths, and not walking through flower beds or foliage.
  • Please refrain from climbing on garden structures and trees, and from wading in ponds, fountains and other water features.
  • Active sports (Frisbee, ball playing, kite flying biking, etc…) are not allowed.
  • Certified service animals are permitted in the Gardens. Please leave all other animals (including dogs) at home. Animals are not allowed to stay in unattended vehicles.
  • Amature landscape photography is welcomed, but it should not interfere with the enjoyment of other guests. To find out more about our photography policies please visit our Photography Page.
  • To keep the Gardens accessible as possible, we do not allow unauthorized group events (weddings, memorials, classes, etc.) or group gatherings. For more information on reservations, please visit our Rental Information Page


  • Respect the experience of all visitors to the Gardens
  • Be courteous of other guests and do not obstruct paths, bridges, or walkways.
  • Do not collect any plants, animals or rocks.
  • Do not touch or chase the animals and insects. We want all wildlife to feel safe and to continue calling Chandor Gardens their home.
  • For your own safety, do not enter a barricaded area, or an area posted for pesticide application.
  • Do not tamper with water hoses, equipment, tools or signs.

When visiting the garden, we recommend wearing sturdy walking shoes, and bringing bottled water. We look forward to seeing you in the Gardens. 

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