Keep Grease From the Drain


Keep Grease From The Drain

During FY 2018, the City of Weatherford experienced 50 stop-ups caused in part by fats, oil, and grease that had accumulated in the sewer lines. Each time City personnel respond to a stop-up, it costs the City approximately $80 per hour in equipment and personnel costs to unstop the lines.

The Impact of FOG in Sewer Lines 

Fats, oils, and grease-aka FOG-gets poured down kitchen sinks and ends up into the sanitary sewer.  When FOG is discarded like this, it sticks and hardens to the inner walls of sewer pipes and overtime it collects causing sewage back-ups.

clogged pipe.jpgOnce the sewer pipes become blocked, raw sewage overflows in your home, your neighbor's home, streets, parks, storm drains, and ultimately in the City's water system.  Damages from sewer overflows are costly, causes foul odors and road closures due to backed up pipes.

Should you notice a sanitary sewer overflow please report it to the Utility Service Dispatch at (817) 598-4257

FOG is in: 

  • meat fats in food scrapes
  • butter and margarine
  • salad dressing
  • cooking oil
  • shortening and lard
  • creams and sauces

Ways to prevent FOG 

pots, pans, and dishes with dry paper towels before rinsing or washing them.


food scraps from dishes into trash cans and garbage bags and dispose of properly.


the kitchen sink drain with catch basket/strainer and empty into garbage can as needed.


use a garbage disposal or food grinder.


dispose food scraps down the drain.            
                    grease do 4.jpg                                                  grease 5.jpg     


oil and grease in covered containers.                                


pour oil and grease down the sink 
                                                                                                                        or toilet, or into street gutters or storm drains.

For more information check out the City of Weatherford's Grease Poster for helpful tips.


December 2013, the Water Utility Department introduced a new camera vehicle to investigate stop-ups in sewer mains throughout the City.  This new grease campaign hopes to bring awareness to all homes and businesses in helping reduce the number of sanitary sewer overflows from occurring.

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