Smoke Testing

What is Smoke Testing

The Weatherford Water Department utilizes smoke testing to check sewer lines. Smoke testing involves forcing smoke-filled air through a sewer line. The smoke under pressure will fill the main line plus any connections; then follow the path of the leak to the ground surface, quickly revealing the source of the problem. Only enough force to overcome atmospheric pressure is required. As long as openings exist for the smoke to follow, smoke tests are effective, regardless of surface type, soil type and depth of lines. Smoke coming out of the ground may indicate a break or other defect in the sewer line which allows smoke to escape up through the ground. However, smoke doesn't always originate at the spot the smoke plume emerges. Sometimes smoke will escape through a defect in the sanitary sewer line, then travel or migrate along the pipe until it finds a way to rise to the surface 

Why we smoke test?

  • Smoke testing is the most efficient and cost effective way to locate and identify infiltration and exfiltration problems in sewer systems. 
  • Smoke testing is a tool used nationwide as a means for locating the problems that are threatening our supply of clean water and costing millions of dollars in additional waste water treatment. 
  • Smoke testing helps identify plumbing leaks in buildings. Sewer gases can cause health problems for building occupants.

Most recent Weatherford Smoke Testing Information:

The Weatherford Water Department will be smoke testing the sewer system in the following areas on January 11, 2022, from 8 A.M – 12 P.M.

  • 100-400 Blk Legacy Blvd.
  • 1000 Blk Jameson St.
  • 1000 Blk Johnson St.
  • 1000 Blk Fort Worth Hwy.
  • 100 Blk Henson Ct.
  • 100 Blk O’Brien Ct.

While smoke testing some people might see white-odorless non-toxic smoke coming from their toilets or other exposed piping in their house or cleanouts in their yards. The smoke is harmless to people and animals. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Remington Shell at 817-598-4259.