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Learn How to Save Water with Aqua

When the reservoir in her town runs low, 8-year old Aqua sees a sign that says, “please conserve.” Aqua’s not sure what that means so she asks her mother who tells her it means to “save water.” She’s still not sure, so she and her dog Sparky look it up and together, they learn simple ways to cut their water use. They show their family how easy it is to save water and money.

It’s never too early for kids to learn how to save water and to understand the value of the world’s most precious resource.

This video is intended for kids in grades K-4 and can be watched or downloaded by parents and teachers (click here for more resources for teachers). We also offer free accompanying materials in PDF format: English and Spanish-language (click here to see more Spanish resources and the Spanish usage calculator) comic books and coloring books for kids, as well as various posters that help kids remember to save water throughout their homes.

Websites for Kids That Explain Water Issues

There are many excellent (and free!) online water education resources. Here is a curated list of websites, curricula and quizzes you can use in your home or classroom.

US EPA WaterSense Kids

  • Kids learn why it’s important to save water and some simple ways to do it.

Water Use it Wisely: Kids H2O Activities and H2O Facts 

  • This is a long list of activities to help kids learn about water.

WWF: Free Rivers Augmented Reality App

  • This app puts the river landscape in your hands and lets you immerse yourself in a virtual world, where you’ll meet the people and wildlife that live along the river.

LOTT Clean Water Alliance: WET Science Center

  • The Water Education and Technology Science Center is a free, hands-on water education center that offers many online resources.

Denver Water: Youth Education Program

  • This page has activities and information to increase knowledge of water in Colorado, educate children about Denver Water and help create wise water-use behaviors.

Spokane Aquifer Joint Board: Elementary Water Conservation field Trip

  • These activities help kids who get their drinking water from an aquifer understand how to keep it healthy.

Websites for Kids that Feature Quizzes and Games About Water

Quizzes and games can help kids learn about water without feeling like they’re having to work. These games help kids learn about basic water issues and things like aquifers and river and watershed management. 

EPA WaterSense ‘Test Your WaterSense’

  • Think you know everything there is to know about water? You can’t be sure until you Test Your WaterSense!

How Stuff Works Everyday Science: Water Quiz

  • How much do you really know about water? From its molecular characteristics to its status as a crucial commodity, this site will put your water knowledge to the test.

National Geographic Kids: Save the Earth

  • NatGeo has tips, videos, and games to help you save the Earth.

Thirstin Builds an Aquifer

  • In this PDF, the EPA provides step-by-step lessons on building your own aquifer in a cup.

FunTrivia: Saving Water – Every Drop Counts

  • This quiz includes facts about water and how to save it in the home.

The Colorado River Water District Water Wizard Quiz

  • Dive right in and test your water knowledge with these multi-level quizzes.

Water Environment Foundation: Pipe Up!

  • This game teaches kids what’s involved in building the systems that deliver our water and making sure we have access to clean water.

Colorado River Alliance: Texas 2040: Save Our Rivers. Save Our Future

  • This interactive game helps players understand how drought and population growth will affect Texas’ rivers.