Inspection, Testing, & Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems

All fire protection systems in the City of Weatherford are required by the fire code to be inspected, tested, and maintained on regular intervals.  The purpose of these inspections is to ensure the system will operate properly in the event of an incident, ensuring a safe environment by minimizing the risk of life and property loss.

The Weatherford Fire Department has contracted with BRYCER, LLC to help manage the fire protection systems inspection, testing, and maintenance program.  All contractors who perform inspection, testing, and maintenance services of fire protection systems are required to electronically submit all compliant and non-compliant reports to the department via

Fire Protection Systems electronically tracked will include:

Active Smoke Control Systems

Automatic Closing Fire Assemblies

Commercial Kitchen Hood Suppression Systems (cleaning & testing)

Emergency generators

Emergency Responder Radio Coverage

Gas Detection Systems

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire pumps

Special Suppression/clean-agent systems


Paint/Spray booth

Contractors are required to submit test results to the Weatherford Fire Marshal’s Office on behalf of their customers. Register with The Compliance Engine here.

Contact BRYCER, LLC for any training or support related questions at (630) 413-9511 or email

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