Smoke Alarm Assistance Program

Members of the Weatherford Fire Department are dedicated to keeping our citizens safe from fire and injury. We want all citizens to be aware of the value of having working smoke alarms in their homes. Firefighters will check smoke alarms for proper operation and location, and install batteries and smoke alarms, if needed, at no charge to the homeowner.

The purpose of the program is to ensure that all citizens have an adequate number of smoke alarms in their home in an effort to increase their chances of surviving a fire. We will install smoke alarms in a timely manner, provide replacement batteries as needed, and educate the community in fire prevention and safety.

We have a limited number of smoke alarms which we can provide free of charge to citizens who are unable to purchase their own. No home should be without smoke detectors! Please contact the Weatherford Fire Department at 817-598-4280 if you should need assistance or additional information regarding smoke detectors.