Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

Current Agenda

Usual Meeting Dates & Times

The 4th Thursday of  January, April, July and October at 5:30 p.m.

Meeting Location

Location rotates between various Parks Facilities. Please consult the agenda for the location.

Powers & Duties

  • Make recommendations to the city council on rules and regulations for the proper conduct and operation of the public parks and recreation facilities of the city; 
  • Make recommendations to the city council regarding the adoption or subsequent amendment to the city's currently adopted Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan, a component of the city's Comprehensive Master Plan; 
  • Make recommendations to the city council regarding park and recreation policies and procedures, and the creation or amendment of any fee or service charge for the use of parks and recreation services as shall be recommend by the city manager of his/her designee from time to time; 
  • Endeavor to stimulate public interest in the development and maintenance of parks and playgrounds, and a well-rounded community-wide program; 
  • Promote close cooperation between the work of the park and recreation department and the city and all private citizens, institutions, and agencies to ensure that all park and recreational facilities and resources within, or controlled by, the city may make their maximum contribution to the public welfare; 
  • Receive suggestions and recommendations from citizens relating to park and recreation facilities; 
  • Solicit for city gifts, revenues, requests for endowments of money or property as donations or grants from persons, subject to approval and acceptance by the city council; 
  • Study and make recommendations to the city council for the improvement and expansion of the parks and recreation facilities and programs of the city; 
  • Serve in an advisory capacity to the city council concerning the acquisition, maintenance, operation and use of parks, playgrounds, and open spaces within the city: and 
  • Any other duties or responsibilities as authorized or delegated by the city council from time to time.


Jaycob Kirkpatrick, Director of Parks and Recreation